The 2018 flagbearer and Presidential candidate for the All Peoples Congress Party (APC), Dr. Samura Wilson Mathew Kamara, a son of the soil of Karene District, North-West Region, Sierra Leone has recently donated bags of rice to the people of Kenema as a traditional Ramadan gift.

Before the donation, on a gather with grassroot members and stakeholders of the APC party in Kenema, he admonished the people of Kenema that he is pleased and happy to have a meeting with them, and that, the month of Ramadan is the best time to pay visit to a Muslim brother or sister, as it is time to show unity, peace and forgiveness among fellow humans.ย  Dr. Samura Kamara added that, the month of Ramadan is a month of reflection as it means a lot for both the Christians and Muslims during this year. He added that he came from a Muslim family, both his parents have gone for Hajj and he is only one that is a Christian.

As a tradition of his, Samura Kamara said every year he pays visits to different localities in Sierra Leone and donates food items to Muslims as Ramadan gift and that this month is not an exception.

Youths who were present during the gathering expressed their appreciation and pledge their loyalty to Dr. Samura to have their votes come 2023. They further expressed their dismays for the current ruling party as they mentioned some hardships the country is going through,ย  and comparing the prices of goods from the then government to the present ruling government, which everything has almost or even twice the amount since APC left power in 2018.

In his concluding statements, he said the donations were meant for Mosques, constituencies, and party people, and thanked every member that was present in the gathering.