As the President of Sierra Leone HE Maada Bio continues to engage Sierra Leoneans mainly in the South-East of the country urging those who have not registered to go out and register, critical thinkers are asking why the country’s First Lady, Madam Fatima Bio is not actively active in this voter registration drive.

This writer has not recalled seeing the First Lady during this whole registration campaign or sensitization exercise.

Don’t tell me that she was invited to Qatar to attend an important engagement because this writer knows that already.

However, after the UN engagement, she came back to Sierra Leone before traveling to Qatar.

Is it true that some big SLPP politicians advised that Madam First Lady stay off this registration sensitization exercise, while few others wanted her to play her usual active role?

Is it true what is going on within the Paopa circle that if Fatima Bio had directly engaged in the registration exercise in the SLPP stronghold many people would have come out to register?

Who are those not wanting her to actively involve in this exercise?

Why has the Paopa SLPP not reached their minimum 80% registration target in their stronghold?

Let us say if Fatima Bio was actively involved, would the SLPP have achieved its target?
The above question is asked because the Pro First Lady argues that First Lady is hugely loved by the people.

Is it not strange to not see the firebrand First Lady on the voter registration drive as she used to do in almost all important election-related events in the country?