Wife of APC Presidential Aspirant, Mrs. E.M Samura Kamara has encouraged Sierra Leoneans to vote and  register on the upcoming 2023 elections Kamara Fellow citizens,

Mrs Samura confirmed to her fellow citizens that her  attention is currently on the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone upcoming registration process,

She believes the exercise will validate Sierra Leone’s  democratic decision that they shall be taking as a nation come 2023 general elections.

She further pointed out that they  have  prioritize the process and every facet of society must come on board in changing the political diary and strongly respond to those that manage oure country’s  wealth irresponsibly.

She further pointed out that more so,  they have a task to jointly come together in shaping the economic, political, and social description of the state.

She emphasized that Compatriots must come out robustly to register from the 3rd September 2022 – 4th October 2022.

She concluded by stating that Your effort and energy will take the strongest impact in laying a foundation that history will always reference.