On the back of a very successful visit to Lungi Dr Samura Kamara enters Port Loko amidst much fanfare.

“Edon cam, E don cam” was the chorus of loyal supporters and well wishers. The welcome by Port Loko residents was one of a kind – extravagant in style and well organised.

What is noticeable to all his outreach tours round the country is the over enthusiasm of supporters who are undoubtedly convinced that Dr Samura Kamara is a President in waiting. As one Momodu Vandy puts it “Samura is the leader for this country”.

It’s now an establish phenomenon that Dr Samura Kamara’s popularity is systemic.

Addressing the waiting crowd in the APC Party Hall, Dr Samira Kamara again reiterated the need for unity and national cohesion. He laid emphasises on youth development and opportunities for all Sierra Leoneans.

Speaking to the crowd indeed like a President in waiting, Dr Samura Kamara warned supporter not to take their eyes off the ball – to go out and register to vote, and to vote for the APC in the coming General Elections.

Port Loko if anything showed the rest of the country how to welcome a visionary leader.