Former and leading presidential aspirants of the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC), Samura Kamara has urged the ruling government to issue a statement condemning the attack of opposition supporters following August 10 violent protests in Freetown and the Northern parts of Sierra Leone.

Kamara made this call in a press statement issued today, Thursday 18 July 2022.

The statement reads:

Following the very unfortunate incidents of Wednesday, 10th August, and despite repeated messages for calm and de-escalation of violence and political tension, there are sporadic reports on social media of continuous spate of fatal serial attacks on APC members by groups or persons that are now allegedly clearly identified by media reports in various parts of the country, including Makeni and the east end parts of Freetown. I urge that the government issues a strong public statement condemning these acts of hunting, chasing and singling out opposition supporters especially in opposition strongholds for lynching and mob justice. Instead, we must direct resources at addressing our SOCIAL, ECONOMIC and POLITICAL challenges.”