Popular Comedian, MC, Musician and Story Writer Osman Bangura commonly known as Sana Gbingbin reveals on his Tik Tok handle the way forward to improving the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone.

On his Tik Tok video, he partially agrees to opinions of colleague entertainers in the drive to ban promotion of foreign music than the indigenous ones,  because he believes that what is yours is yours.

He thinks the way forward to the improvement of Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry is entertainers to stop playing foreign music in the country. He believes if DJs and other tentacles of the entertainment industry prioritize their local songs produced by indigenous musicians that will go a long way for the industry.

He also emphasizes that if the entertainment industry serves as an occupational unit for its musicians, each and every artist in the industry will be self-independent with non-having to go to the other for food.

He added that, the entertainment industry has been advocating against frequent playing of foreign music leaving the indigenous and advises musicians to deviate from using foreign instruments in their songs.

To him, the entertainment industry and the musicians are two-sides of a coin, where you cannot work on one and leave the other. To improve the industry both the musicians and the industry have their different roles to play. The entertainment industry will have to provide the platform with well equipped musical insruments and the musicians must be well prepared before they record their songs. With this fans would grow more love for locally made content and prefered them to foreign ones.

In his concluding statement, Sana Gbingbin assured that if the entertainment industry can provide all local instruments in the industry, they as musicians will support the industry full-fledged.