Sierra Leone’s Press Secretary, Solomon Jamiru Esq., encouraged all journalists in the country on August 11, 2023, to promote the government’s five major transformative initiatives.

This call was made during the inaugural Maiden Press Briefing at the State House, marking the first of a series of regular press briefings intended to enhance visibility around the President and the priorities of the Presidency.

According to the Statehouse Media and Communications Unit, the session brought together editors, station managers, and senior media practitioners to emphasize the importance of consistent reporting and analysis of the Government’s five major initiatives: Feed Salone, Human Capital Development, Youth Employment Scheme, Public Transformation, Tech, and Infrastructure.

The press secretary reiterated President Bio’s gratitude to the people of Sierra Leone for their substantial turnout and peaceful conduct during the June 24 multi-tier elections, which were considered the most peaceful since the initial post-conflict election in 2002.

He acknowledged the ECSL, other Election Management Bodies, the security sector, local and international observers, development partners, and all those who supported the elections in various capacities.

The Press Secretary also reminded the media about the two Extraordinary Sessions of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government that addressed the political situation in the Republic of Niger, in which Sierra Leone participated.

He reaffirmed that the people of Sierra Leone have made the right choice, and the government is committed to meeting their expectations.