In a swift response to the recent incidents of November 26th, the Ministry of Information and Civic Education has issued a statement, highlighting decisive actions taken to apprehend those responsible. In an operation today 28th November, 2023 near the Murray Town barracks, a few shots were fired as part of the effort to bring the perpetrators to justice. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and the person of interest has been successfully apprehended, now under the custody of the security forces.

The Ministry emphasized that the primary objective of these operations is to maintain public safety and swiftly address any threat to the well-being of citizens. Authorities assure the public that they can continue with their daily routines without fear, urging everyone to remain calm in the face of these developments.

The timely and effective response from security forces underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring the security and stability of the nation. Citizens are encouraged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and report any suspicious activities that could contribute to ongoing investigations.

As the situation unfolds, the Ministry pledges transparency and updates on the progress of the operations. It is a collective effort to maintain peace and order within the community, and the Ministry reassures the public that every measure is being taken to safeguard their security.

In conclusion, the Ministry’s announcement reflects a proactive approach to addressing security concerns, with the goal of swiftly bringing those responsible to justice while maintaining the peace and normalcy of everyday life for the citizens.