Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas has been re-elected as the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Sierra Leone. The announcement came during the opening of Parliament and the inauguration of its members today, solidifying Hon. Thomas’s position as an influential figure within the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

Hailing from the Bonthe District in the South Region, Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas represents the 089 Constituency, where he has been actively involved in legislative affairs. His re-election as Deputy Speaker underscores the trust and support he enjoys from his constituents and fellow parliamentarians.

Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas is no stranger to parliamentary duties, having served on various committees in his previous term. He is a member of the Committee of Selection, Standing Orders Committee, Committee on Appointments and Public Service, Public Accounts Committee, Legislative Committee, Committee on Public and Political Affairs, and the Supervisory Committee. His active participation in these committees highlights his dedication to advancing crucial legislative matters and upholding the democratic process in Sierra Leone.