In a show of gratitude and recognition, Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu, conveyed a powerful message of appreciation to his fellow officers and the entire Sierra Leone Police (SLP) force.

Recognizing their unwavering dedication and professionalism during the recent electioneering period, Sellu emphasized the importance of their role in upholding peace and security in the nation.

Addressing his colleagues with a sense of pride and admiration, Sellu highlighted the challenging circumstances they often face while executing their duties. Despite these challenges, he emphasized the need to cherish and serve the SLP with dignity and honor.

As the head of the Sierra Leone Police, Sellu expressed his obligation to extend sincere appreciation to each member of the force for their display of policing brilliance and professionalism throughout the electioneering period. He commended their efforts during the Mid-Term Census and voters’ registration exercise, where they provided crucial security support to all political parties.

Sellu acknowledged the pivotal role they played in ensuring the success of lower-level elections, National Delegates Conferences, the nomination process, the campaign period, and the election day itself. The Inspector General noted that although the journey was not without its share of difficulties, their resilience, hard work, and unwavering commitment enabled them to overcome every obstacle.

Amidst the challenges, the collective decision to remain professional allowed the force to fulfill their constitutional mandate of protecting the people of Sierra Leone. Sellu called on each officer to take pride in their achievements, knowing that their dedication had contributed significantly to maintaining peace and security in the nation.

While expressing his appreciation, Sellu reminded his colleagues that the journey was not yet over. The post-elections period demanded their continued commitment and steadfastness in safeguarding lives and property, as well as maintaining the sanctity of the state. He urged them not to become complacent and to remain resolute in their duty to serve and protect.

The Inspector General reassured the force that his administration would continuously seek and advocate for their welfare needs. Sellu expressed his commitment to creating more conducive work environments and improving the overall well-being of the officers.

In a gesture of personal gratitude, Sellu announced his upcoming force-wide tour, where he intends to meet each officer individually and collectively. Through this tour, he aims to express his appreciation for their outstanding service, acknowledge their efforts, and commend them for making the Sierra Leone Police a “Force for Good.”

In conclusion, Inspector General William Fayia Sellu conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to his fellow officers and the entire SLP force for their unwavering commitment and dedication to the nation. He emphasized that their service did not go unnoticed and that their contributions played a vital role in upholding peace, security, and the sanctity of Sierra Leone.