The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has collaborated with SEND Sierra Leone in rolling out a two-day Climate Change Conference 2024 at City Hall in Freetown

The theme of the said conference was based on ‘Integrated Actions for a Climate-Resilient Sierra Leone’.

Tamba Emmanuel Nyaka, the Climate Change Secretariat director, emphasized the importance role played by science-based research in the fight against climate change during the first day of the conference that was titled Empowering Climate Action, Fortifying Governance for Climate Effective Policy and Implementation.

Nyaka added that climate vulnerability assessments, such as the National Adaptability Plan (2001), were among the first to identify climate change impacts, adaptation, and mitigation strategies as he identified socioeconomic and environmental implications as critical components in the vulnerability impact assessment, which advocated a feasible transition to more sustainable environmental practices such as climate-smart agriculture, and clean energy

He revealed  that the agency has developed an NDC online platform that will be used to help the country assess improvement, identify gaps, and develop plans to address the various sector-related impacts, as well as workable policies like the National Climate Change Policy, which will be used as a guiding document to draft a national law.

The conference created a great interaction and connections between the duos to have mapped plans and strategies in the goal to achieving same task in protecting the climate and environments in the country with EPA as the major player.