Sierra Leone’s Minister of Lands and Country Planning, Turad Senesie has spoken on government plans to introduce land tax on land owners for revenue generation.

The minister, in an interview on Radio Democracy Good Morning Salone program, highlighted the benefits the government will derive from the introduction of land tax.

The minister starts by stating that there are a lot of lands in the provinces that are suitable for agriculture and other purposes, but landowners usually ask for an exorbitant amount that drives away potential investors, adding that the introduction of land tax will help cub such as landowners may not want to be paying for an unused land yearly.

He made a brief analysis by stating that Sierra Leone has a total of seventeen million seven hundred and thirty thousand acres of land, utilizing thirteen million acres requesting fifty thousand per acres from landowners will be enough to pay civil and public servants which will prevent the government from depending on donors.

He further added that the land tax will encourage investment as investors will not be exploited by landowners because they already know what to pay for land tax giving room for negotiation between the investor and the landowner, which will also create job opportunities for locals in the community and also invest in the country’s revenue generation.

He disclosed that land tax will curb land grabbing in the Western Area. He said people claiming huge amounts of land will find a way of disassociating themselves from it as they may introduce higher amounts which some will be unable to pay.