In an exclusive interview on Radio Democracy’s ‘Good Morning Salone’ programme, Chief Minister of Sierra Leone, Dr. David Moininah Sengeh, addressed critical issues surrounding the political landscape of the nation. Dr. Sengeh, asserts independence of COI and corruption charges from failed coup probe and peace talks.

On Friday, 15th December 2023, Dr. Sengeh clarified that the Commission of Inquiry (COI) proceedings and corruption charges levied against members of the All People’s Congress (APC), including figures like Dr. Samura Kamara and Former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, are distinct from the ongoing investigations into the failed coup attempt that transpired on the 26th of November.

The Chief Minister sought to underscore the separation of legal processes, emphasizing that the charges against APC politicians are unrelated to the alleged coup plot. This distinction is crucial in preventing any conflation of legal matters and maintaining a clear understanding of the events at hand.

Furthermore, Dr. Sengeh pointed out that the aforementioned legal proceedings are also distinct from the concurrent peace dialogue initiatives. Sierra Leone has been actively engaged in peace talks, and Dr. Sengeh highlighted the need to keep these discussions separate from both the COI proceedings and the coup investigation. The peace dialogue, he noted, remains a critical avenue for fostering unity and understanding among various political factions, ensuring that the nation moves forward in a harmonious manner.

This clarification by the Chief Minister comes at a time of heightened political sensitivity and public interest, as Sierra Leone navigates through complex legal challenges and strives to maintain stability. Dr. Sengeh’s efforts to delineate these legal and political processes aim to promote transparency and uphold the principles of justice, ensuring that each issue is addressed independently and impartially.

As the nation awaits further developments in both the legal and political spheres, the Chief Minister’s statements provide insight into the government’s commitment to navigating these intricate issues with diligence and a commitment to the rule of law.