Chief Minister of Sierra Leone, David Moinina Sengeh has expressed his commendation for Babadi Kamara, a notable football philanthropist. Kamara’s substantial contributions to sports development, not only in the district but also on a national level, earned him praise from the Chief Minister.

In a recent weekend tour of the Southern Regional Headquarter of Bo, Chief Minister Sengeh had the opportunity to witness a match involving Bo Rangers in the CAF Champions League qualifier. Notably, this marked a significant milestone as it was the first time such a high-level game was hosted outside the nation’s capital, Freetown. The match took place at the Southern Arena Mini Stadium in Bo.

Chief Minister Sengeh lauded Kamara for his vision, leadership, and generosity, which have positively impacted the sporting landscape.

Although the match ended in a draw, the Chief Minister extended his gratitude to Kamara for his dedication to advancing sports in the region.

He emphasized that Kamara’s efforts have not only benefited the local community but have also contributed to the overall progress of sports in Sierra Leone.

Additionally, after the match concluded, attendees, including Chief Minister Sengeh, had the opportunity to unwind and socialize by hanging out at a local bar.

The event provided a platform for both sports enthusiasts and community members to come together, further highlighting the positive impact of sports on camaraderie and social interactions.