Edwardians Hits Back at David Sengeh For Saying School Alumni Should Compete in Building Libraries, Not Crowd Levels

The Minister of Basic and Secondary School Education (MBSSE), David Monina Sengeh has indicated that School Alumni Associations should competing in building a new science library this year instead of their crowd levels.

The minister made this statement on social media following the Centenarian celebrations of Saint Edwards School which pulled out huge crowd in the streets of Freetown.

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“Oh how I wish our high school alumni would be competing on who built a new science library this year and not on their crowd levels,” Minister Sengeh stated.

The Minister’s post received negative reactions from some Edwardians and other members of the public, leading him to further explain his post.

“Seems people don’t read what is written in simple English. So let me break it down,” he said.

“Oh how I wish” this is a desire. our high school alumni” this means all schools. Alumni of all high schools.

“would be competing on who built a new science library this year”: that I desire that alums of schools would compete about who built a [tangible] new science library,

“and not on their crowd levels”- that the comparison isn’t who turned up and shut down the streets but rather on building tangibles.”

Minister Sengeh further stated that his post is not about St Edwards.

“It’s never been, never will be. This isn’t about Alums not doing much- doesn’t make sense because as Minister I am actually privy to most things alums do (both positive and negative). Does it mean, you can’t compare crowds? No. Does it mean you haven’t built a science library? No. What it means is, let’s expand and compete on tangible,” he added.

The Old Edwardians Association has over the years been supportive to the development of the school. They built a building to abolish the two shift system, making them the only Government Assisted School with a single shift in the capital. For the 100 Years Anniversary Celebration both the new and old buildings were renovated as well as the the entire compound paved and the School Hall Rehabilitated. A Secretariat for the Football Club was also built by an eminent Edwardian through the Association. They also unveiled two set of complete brand new brass bands to the band.


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