The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education (MBSSE), David Moinina Sengeh together with representatives from Ireland on Tuesday, 21st March 2023 paid a visit to the Murray Town Municipal Primary and Secondary School.

According to Sengeh, the tour is something they routinely do when they have guests coming to the country and they expressed interest in their education system. He described Ireland as a big supporter of their education project and they need to come, see and experience the kind of transformation that is happening in the country.

He expressed his appreciation and described the school atmosphere as a wonderful learning environment which constitutes the pre-primary, Primary, and Junior Secondary Schools and the SSS1.

He affirmed that one of the things they have done is not just talk about policies and invest in education but also build Curriculum change to have a new vision around the country’s education sector.

The Irish Senator, Jerry Buttimer asserted, “I learned that Sierra Leone emphasized education and a student-centered curriculum. I have learned that the minister of education here is a committed educationist that ensures education is at the heart of government policies.”

The senator further revealed that education is a passport and a scaffold that we use to bring us to a future that will be prosperous for us all.

He affirmed commitment that they will continue a new strategy to make sure that all support for Sierra Leone remains. He added that their relationship is like a partnership, a collaboration with like-minded people with a vision to make life better for girls, and women and ensures that education allows them to flourish and develop.

Madam Gladys Bamijoko, Headteacher of the Murray Town Municipal School infant revealed that she felt proud of the visitation of the minister.

She expressed her appreciation that amongst all the schools in Freetown, their school was chosen to showcase what they have been doing not only with their magnificent building but also how the Murray Town Community is education driven. She confirmed that is why the motto of their school is striving for Excellence