In a thought-provoking social media post, Zainab Sheriff, CEO of Zedzee Media, has raised concerns regarding Sierra Leone’s reported sale of acres of beach land to Chinese residents.

The celebrity entrepreneur took to her social media account to question the decision and shed light on the potential consequences of such actions.

Sheriff’s post on her social media handle garnered attention as she questioned the rationale behind selling 640 acres of the country’s beach and capital city to China instead of opting for long-term leasing.

Expressing her apprehension, she wrote, “Why??? The whole Peninsula is about to be owned by China, are we sure of what we are doing?”

Urging Sierra Leoneans to pay attention, Sheriff voiced her concern about the potential ramifications of such land sales, suggesting that it compromises the future of Sierra Leone.

She believes that by allowing anyone with a few million to acquire ownership, the priceless heritage of Sierra Leone is at stake, emphasizing that the country is not for sale.