During the popular Wake-up salone program on AYV Television, the spoke person for the Office of the National Security ONS has given reasons as to why shops were closed on Monday 8 August 2022

According to Sheku Putka Kamara, the Spokesperson of the Office of National Security said some shops did not open for business not as a sign of protest, but as a sign of fear of being invaded by ‘hooligans and unauthorized looters.’ Abdul Karim Will was speaking during AYV’s Wake Up Sierra Leone TV Programme earlier on Monday. Mr. Will said that peaceful demonstrations are a part of democracies, but that they must be carried out in line with laws and regulations.

Police Spokesman, Assistant Commissioner of Police, (ACP) Brima Kamara said that it is never a crime to w the Police to seek clearance, but noted that such write-ups should not be spearheaded by ‘faceless persons/institutions/organizations.’ He informed that the SLP’s current implementation of Operation Calm Nation was to assure people that the country remains peaceful and that there’s no reason to panic. People should go about their normal lawful businesses, he assured. AYV’s Samuel Ibrahim Koroma who was reporting to Amadu Lamrana and Marina showcased how ‘the streets were virtually empty.’ Only a handful of persons and vehicles are out, he observed. On the whole, no group of demonstrators has been seen anywhere. Police presence is tight and ACP Brima says there’s no cause for alarm as it stands.