Sia Nyama Koroma Wife of Former President Koroma has written a heartfelt emotional Birthday message to her beloved husband.

The former President celebrated his 70th Birthday today 2nd October 2023.

The message reads below:

To My Dear Husband,

It’s your Platinum Jubilee, a special milestone for a special person like you. Seventy years of God’s grace, of His guidance and favours. At 70, you are a testimony of a dutiful husband, a conscientious father, and an endearing grandfather. At 70, you still carry on as a great brother, cousin, and nephew. You maintained your faith in God in your friendships and in your community.

As you celebrate your 70th birthday, my heart flows with gratitude and love for the incredible person you are. You’ve been my best friend, confidant, and partner in every sense of the word.

Five years on, since you embarked on this well-deserved retirement, I am in awe of the legacy you’ve built, the lives you’ve touched and continue to touch. Your dedication and tireless work have left an indelible mark on the continent, and I couldn’t be prouder to have been by your side.

Here’s to the next chapter, my love. May it be filled with joy, peace, and more adventures. On behalf of our daughters Alice and Danke, our grandchild Lizy, and son in-law Ibrahim Mansaray, happy 70th birthday, my extraordinary husband!

With love,

Mrs Sia Nyama Koroma