The All Peoples Congress (APC) Party, National Publicity Secretary, Sidi Yaya Tunis in a recent news conference at the Party headquarters, responded to the threat made by the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Lawrence Lahai Leema on Africa Young Voices (AYV) Television.

According to Publicity Secretary, Sidi Yaya Tunis, the All Peoples Congress Party is not afraid of anybody and does not need guns to win the election.

He reportedly said that the APC party will win the June 24 general elections.

This was in response to the statement made by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Lawrence Lahai Leema on African Young Voices (AYV) television about ‘crushing people.

The Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, on AYV television, reiterated that anyone that stands in the way or disrupts the peace and security of the country would be professionally crushed. Leema added that the statement was a policy directive coming from him adding that if it is necessary anyone who disrupts the peace of the country, will be crushed for peace to reign.

In his remarks, Sidi Tunis said, the only time Sierra Leonean enjoyed peace was when the APC was in power. He explained that the APC is not surprised to hear the Deputy Minister say such a statement.

Tunis stated that Sierra Leone is a democratic state, and the APC is a peaceful political party, hence the party only need our fingers, ballot boxes and papers to win the election adding.

The APC Party will use the ballot papers to silence the guns of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP)

Tunis said the APC is not afraid of the SLPP’s security forces.”We are a democratic party, and we have practised democracy before if you try to stand in our way trying to take away the right of the people of the country we will equally get our forces as well, we are not afraid of your security forces level four activated.” Tunis asserted

The APC strong man concluded that Maada Bio’s-led Sierra Leone People’s Party regime has been destroying the lives of Sierra Leoneans.

He expresses that the APC Party is aware of the Pademba Road prison killing.