Sierra Leone Embassy in Saudi Arabia has yesterday issued a press release debunking rumours making rounds on social media that a Sierra Leonean maid in Oman, Kadiatu Dumbuya was allegedly executed and cremated for allegedly having hands in the deaths of an Omani girl.

According to the Embassy in Riyadh, they had conducted an investigation and further engagement with the Oman Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

โ€œThe Sierra Leone Mission wishes to establish the following:

1. That the said Sierra Leonean maid, Kadiatu Dumbuya, is alive and currently at the deportation centre in Muscat, Oman, awaiting to be repatriated to Sierra Leone following a work-related dispute with her employers. The information doing the rounds on social media that she was publicly slaughtered is baseless and unfounded. A relative of Kadiatu Dumbuya has also categorically confirmed in a video that her younger sister is among those to be flown to Sierra Leone.

2. Based on our investigation, the photo of the deceased girl accompanying the fake media story was surreptitiously extracted from the Washington Post in a story that relates to Julianna Snow, who died of natural death in 2016 following a Charcot-Marie Tooth disease.

3. The Embassy wishes to reaffirm that it is currently in engagement with the authorities in Oman to ensure that the welfare of Sierra Leoneans in the country is guaranteed at all times.โ€