Honourable Member of Parliament representing Constituency 063 Karene District (APC) Ibrahim Kamara, has on Tuesday 15th February 2022 laid a complain to the Speaker of Parliament about certain RSLAF Officers who are terrorizing his people of Tambaka Yobangie and Tambaka Simiebungie.

Hon. Ibrahim told the Speaker of Parliament that he got the information from the Paramount Chief, adding that upon receiving the message he immediately called the Minister of Environment who acknowledged the presence of the RSLAF in his constituency.

He added that when put on a conference call by the Minister of Environment with the Minister of Defense, the Defense Minister vehemently denied the allegation that his personnel are brutally terrorizing residents of that part of the country.

The Member of the Parliament from Karene further told the speaker that โ€œas I am speaking, my people from Tambaka Yobangie and Tambaka Simiebungie have fled from their homes to the borders of Sierra Leone. Many others are in hiding and that their properties are in the hands of the RSLAF.

However, when speaking to We Yone, Hon. Ibrahim Kamara maintained that the military has raised a checkpoint in his constituency. He further informed this press that the younger brother of the Paramount Chief by the name of Morlai Kamara was handcuffed and taken to the district headquarter town of Kamakwie and was detained until his condition got worrisome.

The wildlife issue in Tambaka Yobangie and Tambaka Simiebungie has become very serious. He continues that there was a sign agreement between government and chiefdom authorities (including land owners) and that they have given to the government certain things by respecting their own side of the agreement and the government should respect their own part. There are opportunities and goodness the people should receive because of the land they have handed over such as; health facilities, scholarships, teaching and learning materials, feeder roads to name but few but nothing has happened and now they are beating the people.

He disclosed that he does not want a Sahn Malen issue to happen in Tambaka wherein people will have to die. He said it is the responsibility of the government to honour their own part of the agreement instead of beating and molesting his people.

According to We Yone Newspaper, he concluded by saying that the people needed to be resettled as it was part of the agreement and called on government to withdraw the current military presence in his constituency.

We Yone made effort for military response but no joy but will be ready to carry the side of RSLAF at any time.