A document which contains proposals for salary and benefits increase from Members of Parliaments is said to have been gazetted and awaiting the next sitting 

A Bill Entitled the Parliamentary Welfare Act 2022 has been gazetted and is expected to be in the Order Paper in the next sitting of Parliament according to a source in Parliament.

The bill is seeking to increase the salary of the Speaker, his deputy, the Clerk, and other Members of Parliament.

This is the second time the Parliament is attempting to increase the salary and other allowances of Members of Parliament.

Some of the bursting demands in the document made by MPs include

The salary of the speaker should be the same as that of the Vice President

The salary of the deputy speaker should be the same as that of the Chief Justice

Salary of clerk should be same as that of Solicitor general

Medical allowance of 15,000USD per annum including wife and three kids

Vehicle allowance of 25,000 USD per term.

Recess allowance of one month’s salary

MPs should fly in business class for All international travels.

Sitting allowance of 250,000 per sitting.

Should be entitled to Security personnel and offices.

Percentage increase in salaries of MPs shall reflect pensions of former MPs with immediate effect.

According to the source, the Clerk of Parliament Paran Tarawally said he hasn’t seen the document yet when contacted.