Sierra Leone’s Director General of the Petroleum Directorate, Foday Mansaray is set to address the African Energy Week on his country’s oil potential.

Mansaray is said to have comprehensive knowledge and experience across various facets of oil and gas sector with expertise both onshore and offshore exploration.

Mansaray has also worked with top oil companies including Aramco, Chevron, Shell and TotalEnergies.

“Mansaray is the type of individual that embodies a proactive attitude and possesses the drive to effect change,” said N.J Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC

Experts believe the Director General has the requisite knowledge and skill to help in Sierra Leone’s transition from a potential to actual oil producing nation.

Over the past decade, the West African nation discovered oil potential in the southern coast of Pujehun District.

Exploration by Russian company Lukoil started but found out that the country’s oil is not yet marketable.

However, the resurgence of new oil conglomerates like Innoson Oil and Gas, Sierra Leone is looking forward to attract investment in the sector.