The Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Ibrahim Brima Swaray has disclosed that government owes Turkish Karpowership over 45 million US Dollars for power supply for Freetown.

Karpowership has been providing over 60 megawatts of electricity to Freetown and it’s environs but the capital has been experiencing intermittent cut in power supply since last week.

Meanwhile, Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay told Reuters that debt is huge because the government subsidises nearly a quarter of cost per kilowatt-hour charged by the ship.

For this reason is being rumoured that the government together with the Electricity Distribution and Supply Agency (EDSA) are currently reviewing the possibility of reducing electricity tariffs per purchase for consumers.

It is said that the rationale is due to the fact that the country’s local currency is struggling against the US Dollars which was used as part of the contract with the Karadeniz Energy Group (Karpowership Parent Company).

This is not the first time the floating energy company has reduced its supply of power to the capital. Similar steps have been taken by the Turkish company since the start of their operations more than five years ago.

Meanwhile, the Turkish company is yet to comment on the issue as locals in the capital struggle to cope with intermittent power cuts.