For strategic reasons, this newspaper refrained from covering the story of the alleged Sexual Harassment and Bullying of a married woman Mrs. Margaret Davies working at the Rokel Bank by the Managing Director of the Bank Mr. Ekundayo Gilpin.

We have however watched from afar and we note that Managing Director Gilpin is now under investigation by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) for such alleged criminal act.

We are therefore astounded that the wife of the Head of the Sierra Leone Police, alongside wives of the most senior police officers, can choose this moment, OF ALL MOMENTS, to go and pay a courtesy call on the impugned Managing Director.

Why did the wife of Police Boss Sellu not wait until Gilpin is cleared of the allegations? Why the rush for Mrs. Sellu to go and ‘rub skin’ with Gilpin when Gilpin is being investigated by the Sierra Leone Police?

The most egregious aspect is that the news report was sent to Awareness Times by the official Sierra Leone Police Media Unit. That’s so, so disappointing. It means Mrs. Sellu received the blessings of her husband, IGP Sellu, for Mrs. Sellu to go and publicly fraternize with a man not yet cleared of alleged sexual and bullying misconduct against a Woman.

This is the Police shooting itself in the foot. What a slur on the Institution! What a damn slur!