It is with heavy hearts as the Sierra Leone Promoters Union (SLPU) announced the sudden death of their comrade Tisha Jemi Bangx once called Promoter Tisha.

The news of Tisha’s departure was announced from the SLPU’s official Facebook page. The death of Promoter Tisha (as she was known to be called) was dated to yesterday 27th November, 2022.

It was also alleged that the deceased died yesterday of a brief illness that was not expected to have taken her to the grave. The illness that might killed Tisha was not mentioned on the post but digging more to the illness, other sources revealed that Tisha Jemi Bangx died of depression.

The deceased, Tisha was known for her relentless contributions and adding value to the entrance sector of Sierra Leone. In her days on Earth, she has shared her helping tentacles to Musicians, Comedians, Models, Reality TV Stars and more.

News sources confirmed that, she will be laid to rest today at the Approve School Cemetery Eastern part of Freetown at 4:00 pm. The family of Late Tisha invites sympathizers and friends who wished to join as they finally lay her to rest.

The Sierra Leone  Promoters Union is a body that is geared towards promoting entertainment industry of Sierra Leone. SPLU comprises of people with intellect, experience & knowhow in promotion that simply believe it is not an option, but our responsibility. They take special pride in their skills of providing viable and successful marketing strategies and analysis to clients.