The Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU) issued a press release confirming the Ministry’s commitment to pay fees for the 2022/2023 period.

The release also mentioned SLTU’s desire for members to remember a meeting on August 30, 2023. During this meeting, various educational organizations, including SLTU, CPsS, NACOHT, CHTVD, NSA, TSC, and MBSSE, discussed educational development before the new school year.

The topics covered included school fee subsidies, teacher replacements, promoting the new curriculum, the New Education Act, policy approvals for schools and teachers, among other issues.

At the end of the release the SLTU stated that โ€œThe Union has received commitiment from the Ministry about the payment of school fees subsidies for third term of 2022/2023 school year latest second week in September, 2023.โ€

They ended by notifying the public and other stakeholders of their fight in pursuing these issues with the Ministry saying the Union leadership encourages teachers to continue rendering diligent services to the nation.

The SLTU concluded the release by announcing, “The Union has received a commitment from the Ministry regarding the payment of school fee subsidies for the third term of the 2022/2023 school year, no later than the second week of September 2023.”

They concluded by informing the public and stakeholders of their ongoing efforts to address these matters with the Ministry, and the Union’s leadership encouraged teachers to persist in providing dedicated services to the nation.