A one-day workshop was held by the Sierra Leone Urban Research Center (SLURC), in collaboration with the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) targeting residents of the Moyiba and CKG communities as well as stakeholders in those communities on the outcome of a research that was conducted and how they have to find possible ways to salvage some of the community issues affecting them through an impact project.

This auspicious event was held on the 7th of September 2022 at the YMCA Hall, Fort Street in Freetown.

One of the officials of SLURC, Abu Conteh, did a presentation on the background of the project during which he intimated that the research was conducted in two informal settlements and the purpose was to understand the health burdens of informal settlement residents and their strategies to overcome those health burdens.

He further explained that the research methods included 30 narrative interviews with the locals, referencing governance diaries, and making use of a participatory impact pathway analysis.

Dilating on the findings, he highlighted, local understanding of health issues, access to healthcare, living with the disease, and gender experience of health care women to be specific.

Climaxing his presentation was the lessons community residents must learn for the future.

On the other hand, Juldeh Sesay, a Research Assistant did a presentation on the impact of the project on the Moyiba and CKG communities, explaining what the research led to and the efforts made so far by the community people to bring change in their various communities without having funds from donors or sponsors but through the capacity building workshop strengthen them through the impact project.

He also elaborated on how the communities resolved the research problems using capacity gaps, objectives on capacity building, knowledge exchange visits, and setting their priorities right.

Juldeh Sesay ended up by pointing out the successes or achievements made by the Moyiba as well as CKG Community residents with key lessons from the impact of the project.