Sierra Leoneans have reacted to President Bio’s Motorcade consisting of 25 vehicles which blocked traffic at Spur Road, Lumley.

Some described the act as an abuse of power, considering the fact that he travels in that style every single day, blocking traffic and restraining people’s movement.

Others says its a waste of resources, thinking of the amount of money that is spent on fuel everyday for those vehicles.

And other set of Sierra Leoneans gave examples of other Presidents who travels with only three and four vehicles ensuring no traffic block.

See more comments below:

Sheka Forna

“All probably useless in the face of a determined threat to his security, as your sniperโ€™s eye view from the Swiss Hotel demonstrates. Style over substance. I recall seeing Tony Blair in his heyday, cutting through London traffic with two outriders and one support vehicle”


“saw the Queen on Gloucester Road with one outrider, one support vehicle, The Queenโ€™s vehicle and one ambulance and traffic was not blocked..just a pathway made at moment the convoy was passing”


“Imagine the amount of fuel apportioned to each vehicle in a donor driven economy as ours”

Bims ++๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฑ+
“Some of them are hitching a ride to avoid being stuck in traffic. Peep the one who turned into Babadorie”

Alimatu Dimonekene

“Wow this is just over the top . The most protected President it seems”

Senesie Komah

And it’s happening in one of the poorest countries in the world”

IB Nyei

“This is crazily too much for a democratically elected president”