Old photos of the Sierra Leone’s Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Dr David Moinina Sengeh, posing Intimately with some guys has sparked a lot of reactions from the country people.

These reactions came soon after the Research Specialist and Fake Degree Crusader, Dr John Idriss Lahai Leaked out these photos in his post on Facebook with the caption : “Beautiful photos of “sister Kadiatu” (or Dr David Sengeh; aka Dr Cobbler).

The said photos, according to Dr Idriss, were taken 10 years ago which could be during the college days of the Education Minister.

However what got people talking is that the photos shows the Minister amongst a group of young men having fun together in a house, posing Intimately with a certain guy.

One of the photos had Minister Sengeh standing face to face with this man with  their eyes locked to each other seductively and smiling beautifully like love birds.

And another shows the minister’s foot resting on the man’s thigh and the man’s leg on top of the minister’s thigh.

These photos sparked mixed reactions as these postures are unusual amongst straight men in the Sierra Leone community.

Some Sierra Leoneans are wondering whether the Minister could be gay and others are saying he could be bisexual as he is married to a woman and has two kids.

“Talk-am-go; talk-am-cam, Dr John Idriss Lahai nor to all dada-boy na true Rastafarian ya. Some wan for play the role of Kadiatu” — according to one of my nameless friends (wae dae live insai me gut feeling or mind).” Said Dr Idriss

“LoL so na this ein bring cam na we Educational system? God help we aaa” another person said.

But with the many negative comments,  some Sierra Leoneans on the other hand are saying it’s nothing of a big deals as the Minister has the right to his sex orientation and he chooses to be what he wants to be.