Sierra Leonean citizens residing in the United Kingdom recently organized a peaceful protest aimed at drawing attention to the actions of the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) and the current government.

In a video captured during the protest in London, demonstrators were seen carrying postcards that called for the intervention of the international community regarding the ECSL Commissioner, Mohamed Konneh, and President Bio’s government.

The protest, attended by a large crowd of over 400 Sierra Leoneans residing in the UK, emphasized the urgent need for the international community to safeguard Sierra Leone’s democracy and ensure justice for its people.

The postcards displayed various messages, including “Respect the votes of Sierra Leone,” “Stand up against tyranny,” “Stop human rights abuses,” “Say no to election malpractice,” and “Sierra Leone needs democracy, not dictatorship.”

One of the protesters specifically appealed to the UK Government to intervene and address what he described as “election fraud” that occurred in Sierra Leone.

He mentioned that they were marching to deliver a petition letter to the British Commission in the UK, emphasizing that their motive was to hold accountable the votes of the Sierra Leonean people. He made it clear that their protest was not driven by partisan or tribal interests, but rather by their shared identity as Sierra Leoneans. He highlighted that they had taken time off from their jobs to participate in the protest, as they felt a deep responsibility to stand up for Sierra Leone.

The protester further urged the British government to step in and prevent the eruption of a violent conflict in Sierra Leone.

He emphasized that the British Government should not remain passive while the people of Sierra Leone confront the current regime, but instead should intervene to prevent the situation from deteriorating. The ultimate goal was to ensure that Sierra Leone could avoid descending into a more severe crisis.

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