Sightsavers organized the Citizenship and Political Participation (CPP) in Sierra Leone Climate Action Reflection and Learning workshop, which was attended by several dignitaries.

The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs maintained that he is honored to partake in this transformative event which may help greatly in the development of youths and youths programs in the country.

They maintained that, their collaborative mission is to Illuminate the realities of climate change, which poses a significant threat to our environment and the well-being of our people, to Cultivate a culture of political engagement, ensuring that climate action is a priority in our national discourse and decision-making, to Share invaluable insights and develop sustainable practices that will protect our environment and secure the prosperity of future generations, to Unite our efforts to meet the obligations set forth by international climate agreements, demonstrating Sierra Leone’s commitment to global environmental stewardship.

It was also noted that, the workshop serve as a beacon of hope and action, signifying their dedication to empowering the youth and all citizens with the necessary knowledge and tools for impactful political participation in climate action, as a moment to reflect on our progress and embrace the learning opportunities that will guide our path forward.


They also maintained that, the beginning of a transformative journey towards a resilient Sierra Leone, capable of withstanding the challenges of climate change has actually surfaced.

The Deputy Minister also maintained that he urged each and everyone to join them in the crucial endeavour and that their voice is essential.

β€œYour actions are transformative. Together, we will lay the foundation for a resilient Sierra Leone that not only stands tall against the tide of climate change but also leads by example in the global effort to protect our planet.” He stated.