The president of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalist, Ahmed Sahid Nasrallah has celebrated his alma mater St Edward’s Senior Secondary School 100 years Anniversary at the school ground in  Kingtom.

The centenary celebration which took place on the 6th February,  has emancipated, resurrected and liberated the good memories of St.Edward’s Secondary School.

The celebration First start with a “Candle Night”, followed by “Foundation Day” and later “Back-to-School”.It was a faithful event that will be remembered by every kith and kin.

The BACK-TO-SCHOOL event organized by the mighty OLD EDWARDIANS is just an awake call that the beauty memories of school days can never be rejuvenated but can be reminisce.

The white and blue colors displayed by Edwardians categorically resurrected  memories back then when Nasrallah was a boy at the revered Senior secondary school.



Buying “foal blow and ice” was one of the most popular tradition every Edwardians enjoyed.

Punishment for late coming can never be compromised by the school authorities.
Lawn tennis and football were the favorite sports during break time..

Seeing erudite Edwardians like President Nasrallah, who hold prominent positions in the country tracing the old but good memories of school days is something good to write home about. Reckoning school days activities has never been done by any school except what has been demonstrated by these Edwardians..
The beauty of being an Edwardian can never be felt, understood or colored by any foreign graphic designer except one who graduated within the shores of the school.

Many Edwardians believe, the blessings of being an Edwardian cannot be compromised by its beholders. In deed, many if not all are drowned in the ocean of regret, frustration and “had I known” for not attending this great School.