Hon. Philip Tetema Tondoneh, former Deputy Minister of Works in Sierra Leone, faces scrutiny over allegations of deceptive practices that financially impacted a German investor. The controversy, which dates back to 2022, revolves around Hon. Tondonch’s alleged involvement in a land transaction that left the investor in a precarious position.

The investor, who aimed to establish a modern electronics warehouse in Sierra Leone to create local employment opportunities, approached Hon. Tondonch for assistance in finding a suitable location. During negotiations, Hon. Tondonch reportedly offered a plot at Fisher Lane for $50,000. However, he allegedly requested a $10,000 down payment, which the investor promptly paid in good faith.

Subsequently, it emerged that the promised land was actually owned by a civil servant, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the transaction. Hon. Tondonch later acknowledged the debt and expressed his willingness to reimburse the funds, but the matter has not been resolved to the investor’s satisfaction.

When confronted at his office on the 9th floor of the Youyi Building, Hon. Tondonch lamented the unnecessary embarrassment caused by the unresolved issue. He stated that he had offered an alternative piece of land to the investor in an attempt to settle the matter amicably. However, the investor vehemently refused the offer, insisting on proper restitution and accountability.

Hon. Tondonch expressed his reluctance to endure public scrutiny and disparagement, highlighting his discomfort with the ongoing dispute. Despite his efforts to provide an alternative solution, the investor remains adamant about receiving full compensation for the financial losses incurred.

As the situation unfolds, the press remains vigilant in monitoring developments. The aggrieved German investor, whose aspirations to contribute to Sierra Leone’s economic growth have been thwarted by the alleged misconduct, seeks closure and justice. Calls for transparency, accountability, and adherence to legal protocols have intensified, raising concerns about the integrity of the country’s governance and commitment to upholding the rule of law.