News reaching our desks alleged that two SLPP executives members went into blows over autocratic leadership in Kambia.

According to our sources, Bishop Simeon Kamara is the District Secretary General for the Sierra Leone People Party, while Alimamy Hassan Bangura is the District Chairman for aforementioned party and the Ambassador to Guinea.

It was alleged that Chairman Alimamy Hassan Bangura has been using his power as District Chairman to suppress other party members without their free will. This includes replacing elected party officials with people of his interest to assigning party positions without the notice of the elected member and assigning an assistant without the knowledge of the team.

“…he’s has been doing things which are not favorable by other elected party members…” Moses Kewolay Sesay disclosed.

Other party members decided to meet with the Secretary General at his resident on the way forward to resolve the conflict. During the meeting, it was alleged that someone within the gathering communicated with Chairman Alimamy Hassan Bangura.

With anger and dismay from his fellow party comrades, Ambassador Alimamy Hassan Bangura departed from Guinea to Kambia to Bishop’s resident. On his arrival in Kambia, he allegedly stormed the Bishop’s house with abusive language.

Fully armed to the teeth, Ambassador Alimamy Hassan Bangura flooded the place with thugs and vandalized the Bishop’s resident. According to our news sources, Bishop Simeon Kamara and other relatives are in the run for their lives as the Ambassador is allegedly looking for them.