Several Councillors from the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) have extended an invitation to the elected Councillors of the All People’s Congress (APC) to unite for the benefit of Sierra Leone.

This call comes in the wake of a statement by the All People’s Congress executive, distancing themselves from the SLPP-led government until certain conditions are met after the June 24th elections.

Councillor Ahmed Karim Bangura, the longest-serving Councillor in the Council, emphasized the importance of working in Sierra Leone’s best interests.

He stated, “The elections are over, and it is now time for development.” He urged the APC Councillors to join efforts in the city’s development.

He also explained how he took responsibility for beautifying all the roundabouts in the Aberdeen Communities under his tenure.

He conveyed his commitment to finalizing unfinished business, ensuring that Aberdeen becomes a tourist-friendly community this time around.

Councillor Mary Ann Kamara echoed the feeling that, despite carrying office without the APC Councillors, their doors are always open to their colleagues from the other side.

She emphasized that the era of politics has passed, and as elected Councillors, their primary responsibility is to bring development to their respective wards.

Councillor Kamara called on her fellow Councillors to promote and maintain peace at all times, emphasizing that development is unattainable without a peaceful environment. She stated, “Peace is a prerequisite for development, and as Councillors, we must ensure that peace prevails.”

As Sierra Leone moves forward, these Councillors are urging unity and collaboration among elected representatives to serve the best interests of the nation.