APC is the govt in waiting in Sierra Leone for 2023. You can sense that already in the air as hardships spread around the country on daily basis.

The desperation with which SLPP tries to obliterate the APC message of redemption and hope for Sierra Leoneans is indicative of things to come. The SLPP is living on borrowed times now in Sierra Leone and you can sense that too. Frustration is spreading throughout the nation and everybody is tired and angry with the four year-disastrous rule of the SLPP, which has only brought hunger, starvation, want tribalism, political exclusion and economic marginalization, chaos, human rights abuses, murder, and maiming of innocent citizens. (Photo: President Bio and Vice President Juldeh Jalloh, right).

This was exposed by the 2020 US State Department Country Report on human rights abuses in Sierra Leone and corruption on a scale never known before in our beloved country. Disappointment and disenchantment are running deeply throughout the nation and the SLPP ship is sinking fast, with the government unable to handle the economy and prices of food and all basic commodities going through the roof.

In desperation, the SLPP is fighting a losing battle to remain afloat by resorting to wild propaganda, lies, conjuring wild dreams and false hopes on social media and on the ground in Sierra Leone accelerating the wheels of human rights abuses, votes stealing in bye-elections, and orchestrating diabolical schemes to steal the 2023 elections. APC marching.

Their President Julius Maada Bio is not making matters better for them. Since he came to power in 2018, there is no concrete development anybody can point to in the country. All the SLPP government has done is lie, lie, lie with impunity, and make false promises to the people, like the Lungi Bridge, Airport Extension, 100 Buses, Super Bread Factory, BMW Assembly, etc., etc. that they have never fulfilled.

Rather, President Bio has become the proverbial Ghanaian SANKOFA bird that never stays at or develops its own nest but is always flying everywhere, returning to its nest only to pollute it. Maada Bio now deserves to be called SANKOFA BIO, after the proverbial Ghanaian bird of ill omen. Every day, musicians, who are frustrated equally, release new songs ridiculing President Bio and the SLPP leadership. Whenever musicians start singing derisively about a president and government, know that doom is around the corner.

SLPP thinks they can move above their failures by rigging the 2023 elections. That is what they are banking on but huge surprises are waiting for them around the corner. They will not be able to pull it off because Sierra Leoneans are determined to see their backs in 2023. All the opposition parties have already united against the SLPP and 2023 will be the year of downfall for another SLPP government.

The APC Youth Wing has Become the Breeding Ground for Factionalism and Divisiveness in the Party

Who stopped the APC Youth League Retreat Activities? To a large extent, I am of the belief that SLPP, PPRC, the Court or even Dr Sylvia Blyden as some people are suggesting, have nothing to do with the cancellation of the APC Youth League Retreat programme. However, I am of the candid opinion that the leadership of the Youth League is squarely responsible for this calamity that has again befallen our great party. Why am I saying that the APC Youth League is responsible?

To begin with, “the Youth League” according to Manso, a 21 years old youth from the North-West I interviewed during the opening ceremony, “is no longer a proper training ground for real future party loyalists and leaders; but rather, it has suddenly become a perfect breeding ground for factionalism”. Manso went on to say that, the ferocity with which the Youth League seems to be promoting one of the competing flagbearers of the party is outrageous.


The SLPP Wants the Green Leaves of the Palm Tree to Become More Greener by Diminishing the Sun Burn Heat of the APC

In politics and beyond, no one can escape his history and from birth to death, the only relevance of man’s existence is history. The longest-serving President of Sierra Leone is APC’s Siaka Stevens who ruled for seventeen years under a totalitarian regime that saw many present here today flee to other countries to enjoy the comfort of life’s safety elsewhere. The second was for the first time SLPP’s Tejan Kabbah and Ernest Bai Koroma of the APC who ruled for 11 even years each respectively. The rest of short term leadership is shared among President Joseph Saidu Momoh, Military Coups, and the incumbent President Julius Maada Bio who has ruled in less than four years out of his five years the first Term and is ready for a second term come 2023 with an incomparable style of leadership geared towards the total rebirth and reform of Sierra Leone as if we are a newly independent nation.

So the establishment of the Guma Water Company to serve lives’ most important community water was established during APC’s more than three decades of governance as compared to SLPP’s less than two decades of governance with the longest been in the era of Tejan Kabbah. The dismay we are experiencing today over the shortage of water was not created by President Bio but rather he inherited it. The APC failed to adjust or readjust the technical challenges of Guma to brand it as the most reliable, and efficient revenue generation public institution. Instead, the APC administration saw the source of continuous water supply been blocked by busted pipes now substituted by rubbers thereby letting Guma waste more than 16,000 gallons a day.

The non-functionality of the reservoirs also posed very serious problems coupled with the limited size of the main reservoir at Guma which can no longer supply the main city. The APC governance also created dismay of its staff over deprived privileges thereby ill-motivating them, the APC governance also drafted inactive policies from one political appointee to the other without due respect given to non over implementation, donor funds were converted for private use, bureaucratic administration became the other of the day, the world bank 4.5million dollars that were donated to support the Guma Valley Water and SALWACO each where equally misappropriated and instead of bringing the culprits to justice, they were sacked and forgiven.