The Sierra Leone People’s Party(SLPP) has on a Press Release dated 2nd June, 2022, declared that it is pleased with the outcome of the  just released Midterm Population and Housing Census.

The SLPP thanked the government of Sierra Leone and all its partners through Statistics Sierra Leone for the successful outcome of the exercise.

The SLPP also thanked the people of Kenya for supporting Sierra Leone to undertake the first digital Census, adding that this underpins President Bio’s determination to promote e-governance.

The SLPP furthered by calling on the Electoral commission of Sierra Leone to proceed with the delimitation of constituency boundaries pursuant to the powers confer on it by the constitution of Sierra Leone( Act no.6 of 1991).

The party also called on the Government of Sierra Leone to dismiss all condemnations of the census result and uphold the provisions of the 1991 constitution.

It ended by assuring that it is willing to work with the stakeholders to make the next election preparation smooth.