The alarming increase in the incidence of accidents and road crashes in our country Sierra Leone is so incredible.

Road accidents are more or less daily occurrences across the country and many people have lost their lives through those accidents while many others are maimed especially during the festivities.

As part of its functions to make sure heat is safe for all users, the Head Of the Station and Manager Mr. Patrick Sowah, and the team of Road Safety Corps alongside representatives of the Sierra Leone Police from the Traffic Management and Road Safety Department in Kambia keep its mission on track.
From one park or strategic point to others during this December festive season.
Drivers, Riders, passengers pedestrians, Traders, Cattle Rearers, and other stakeholders were continuously given road safety education.

“We are here to constantly admonish every road user specifically Drivers, Riders that reckless and inconsiderate Driving and riding is rampant and accounts for the majority of road accidents. Most of us do not obey traffic rules” the manager maintained.

Moreover, Assistant Route Commander A. Mansaray Station Head Of Operations, and Assistant Route Commander D. Sondufu, Station Corps Admin systematically and carefully cautioned Drivers and Riders who find pleasure in Driving or Riding under the influence of alcohol (For Instance, beer, stout, bitter kola, Pega Gins, etc) and hard drugs to-wit Kush which is prevalent.

These set of Drivers and Riders are not in their actual mind frame, they do not obey traffic laws, and they most times nod, overtake other vehicles at dangerous bends, and curve and drive their vehicles with their eyes half closed.

Fast Forward, Chief Inspectors Mabinty Kanu, Rashid Jalloh, and Sub-Insp Williams address the audience on how pedestrians, Traders, and Cattle Rearers must conduct themselves on the road. They warned that they should always walk on the left-hand side of the road so that they will face the incoming vehicle/object in case of any eventuality they will be at advantage to manoAt the most concrete level, Assistant Route Commander A. Musa – the Ag, Sector Commander demystifies the overarching motive of the activity, he went on to State the merits and demerits of other regular Road Traffic Regulations offenses include Driving and Regulating mobile phones, Eating, Smoking, and Driver failing to obtain and keep passengers manifest on a public service vehicle for inspection.

He concluded by assuring the public of acute professionalism and a good working relationship.