Popular Sierra Leonean Afrobeat Superstar Morris D Wonderboy has on social media made New controversial comments that have left fans stunned

Amidst recent controversies with former girlfriend queennak which made him a lot of criticism from fans. Morris the wonder has once again posted another controversial comment on his Facebook page where he states that “if you can’t change the woman, change the woman” and went further to advertise his upcoming song titled ” Raray” which he said will be dropping soon.

This comment and the title of the upcoming track have left many wondering if he is still trying to get at former girlfriend queennak, just like he did earlier in another controversial post on social media where he made degrading comments about her

The earlier post of Morris hit Queennak to the extreme that, with dismay and anger, the celebrity used swear words on herself over the allegations. In her post, Queennak claimed that since their separation, Morris has been bashing at her, family, Kid, and mother.

He has alleged her of sleeping with every man on Earth. She furthered that, Morris had gone to the extreme of creating fake Facebook pages teasing people to throw shots at Queennak, making people believe the messages are from her.

In anger and dismay, Queennak swear Morris and affirmed that he will surely see her progressing in her career and her entire life.