Modu Conteh (Nee Wilson), the First Female Headwoman of Charlotte Village and Proprietress of the Solomon Ekuma Berewa Primary School, has passionately called upon President Julius Maada Bio to consider expanding the school.

She highlighted the urgent need for additional resources to enhance the learning environment. The school, situated in Charlotte Village, currently comprises only three classrooms that are neither impressive nor adequately ventilated, making it challenging to accommodate all the village’s eager young learners.

While expressing her gratitude for the initial support received from the Former and Late Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Solomon Ekuma Berewa, and his daughter, Annie Lansana (Nee Berewa), Conteh (Nee Wilson) emphasized the necessity of further support to elevate the school’s standards and create a conducive atmosphere for education. Conteh (Nee Wilson) underscored the pivotal role the school plays in the lives of Charlotte Village residents but lamented its current state.

She urged President Bio to utilize his office’s influence to expedite the development of the school, citing the availability of ample space within the school compound for the construction of additional classrooms. “We face the risk of encroachment by land grabbers who are getting closer to the school premises,” she cautioned. In addition to expansion, the Former Headwoman of Charlotte Village stressed the importance of enhancing staff capacity. “Expanding the school must go hand in hand with strengthening the skills of our dedicated staff,” she noted. She called upon President Bio to take swift action to address these long-standing issues.

Furthermore, she appealed to the President to provide accommodation for some of the school’s tutors, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding school assets from potential theft. Mrs. Modu Conteh (Nee Wilson) remains hopeful that President Bio’s intervention will not only transform the Solomon Ekuma Berewa Primary School.