The recent past days at Mount Aureol have been truly momentous and exciting.  The University of Sierra has held it 2021/2022 congregation on the 6th,  7th and 8th April. Day1 commences on Wednesday 6th April, School of post graduate studies[SpS] and College of Medicine, Day 2 Thursday 7th April, Institute of Public Administration and Management, Day 3,  8th April, climaxed the ceremony with Fourah Bay College.

More than 3,000 graduates from the three constituent colleges of the University Of Sierra Leone, Fourah Bay College, College of Medicine and Allied Sciences, and the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) received their undergraduate and post-graduate degrees at an epoch-making event at the historic Adjai Crowther Amphitheater.

Recorder Sorieba Kargbo has made a name for himself for having graduated as not just the best Male Student from the Faculty of Law, but also as the overall Best Graduate for the year under review– a remarkable achievement even by his own exceptionally majestic academic track-record.

Soriebah posted on his Facebook Page ”Thanks to the Almighty Allah for making me bagged another degree; Bachelor of Laws with Honors from FBC, USL. I’m grateful to him”

For the award, he dedicated it to the  late student of Fourah Bay College  Emadu Rogers ” I’m dedicating it to #Emadu Rogers#, a brother who was to graduate with us today but couldn’t because of an accident that led to his demise yesterday. It’s painful seeing a brother struggled for four years and couldn’t celebrate a bit!
Many thanks to my parents, friends, Department, FBC and USL for everything.” he stated.

With a cummulative grade point of 3.85 in YrI, 3.90 in YrII, 4.0 in YrIII and 4.0 in YearIV, Recorder Soriebah has achieved a feat that many had previously considered unimaginable–a student of the much-dreaded law department towering over students from other departments across the length and breadth of FBC.

Sierraloaded extends congratulations to you on your well deserved graduation.