International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. As a social media influencer and girl child activist, Sierra Leone most superb female rapper and dancehall queen Star Zee celebrated the day with EducAid Sierra Leone.

The event took place at the British High Commission office. The place housed guest of different nationalities with one vision to stop or minimize the challenges girls faced and on the promotion of human right.

This year’s 10th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl with EducAid Sierra Leone was geared at premiering its girl power song “We Are Like Diamonds” written, played and produced by musician and educator Steve Revington with award-winning community leader and children entertainer Saidat on lead vocals. The song and its video highlighted the plight and potential of girls in Sierra Leone and everywhere in the world. The video featured girls from Sierra Leone, Kenya and South Africa.

This  event was also a platform used to raise funds for EducAid’s Strong Girls Incubator (SGI), an accelerated learning programme that empowers girls to enter mainstream schooling confident and competent to achieve their full potential.

EducAid’s Strong Girl Incubator (SGI) helps girls to access secondary school and demonstrate that with education they can become the changemakers driving progress in their communities. Their girls, and thousands of girls around the world, show every day that given the skills and opportunities they can move mountains. Girls are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow, it is time for us all to invest in their potential.

The night was worth memories as Star Zee was one of the guests among other guests that graced the wonderful event. After a wonderful night we’ll spent, the celebrity took to his Facebook page and posted.

“I was with EDUCAID last night celebrating international girls day . #EducAidSL 🤩”

EducAid is a UK registered charity (1163161), working in Sierra Leone for over 25 years. EducAid runs an educational network of free schools, trains teachers, works on gender equality and improves community resilience.

In a country like Sierra Leone where the organization exists, It has a vision to create a democratic, dignified and globally-engaged Sierra Leone, where poverty is eliminated by educated citizens. With EducAid, they believe educating the heart and the head is the solution to the challenges Sierra Leone is facing. The organization envisioned Sierra Leone as a country where its educated citizens, opportune with holistic education, can eliminate poverty in the country and minimize status quo.

In their minds eyes, educating the head and leaving the heart is fruitless and dangerous as the educated elites will use their superiority to oppress their subordinate. For this reason the organization believes in educating the heart and the head by providing holistic education.