State of Emergency Should Never be The First Option, Especially When We Have Adequate Laws – Kandeh Yumkella 

According to Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella the Leader of the National Grand Coalition a State of Emergency should never be the first option especially when the country have adequate laws in the country. 

Yumkella said this when he was referring to the recent restrictions placed by National COVID Emergency Response Center due to COVID-19.

He made this statement in a Twitter thread on his official Twitter page @KYumkella.

He also added in the post that the government should consider the provisions made in the 1960 Public Health Emergency Act as it gives the Minister of Health and Sanitation extensive powers to enforce the restriction of people in infected areas.

He wrote:

As the number of persons confirmed with #COVID-19 increases in the country, the Government must consider using the provisions of the Public Health Act 1960 as amended to help curb the virus.    

The Act gives the Minister of Health and Sanitation @mohs_sl extensive powers, including to restrict movement of people in infected areas, quarantine and isolation of cases, surveillance, make rules for the whole or any part of Sierra Leone for the treatment of affected persons, for preventing the spread of infection and for the vaccination of persons. 

A State of Emergency should never be the first option, especially when we have adequate laws designed to address our situation. 

We must also continue to call on all Sierra Leoneans to do their part; remember to wear your mask, wash your hands often, maintain social distance and take the vaccine.

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