Statistics Sierra leone has given latest update on the ongoing Mid-term Population and Housing Census.

Statistics assures the public that counting is going on across the country and enumerators are counting people living in hard-to-reach areas.

Statistics reminds the public that the official counting will go on till December 23rd 2021, stating that there will be additional time until all households are counted.

Statistics kindly reminds the public about the key questions enumerators are asking.

As in all censuses, Statistics enumerators’ tablets have the following three types of questionnaires: 1) a household questionnaire that that caters for normal living households and homes; 2) an institutional questionnaire that caters for schools, hospitals, boarding homes, hospitals, prisons, police stations etc. and 3) a floating population that caters for travelers and people who sleep on the streets. While these three types of questionnaires are different, one area of similarity amongst them is the information on the geographical identification.

The questionnaire also covers questions on the province, chiefdom, district, and section where the enumeration is taking place. It also captures the type of enumeration area, whether it is a rural or urban setting, the structure type and number, the number of households within the structure, the type of residence and whether it’s occupied or vacant.

Statistics commends field staff for their good work as they continue to count people across the country

Statistics continues to urge the public and institutions to welcome enumerators so they can be counted from development.