Popular Female Rapper Natasha Beckley better known as Swadu has responded to a troll from a fan about her not yet settled down.

In responding to a troll from a fan who writes that the popular Rapper is yet to settle down and wonder if she even has a child, Swadu jokingly responded by asking the poster if he is ready to manage her, let them just go ahead and do it.

She then took to Facebook to give general advice to fans who keep asking about her marital status

She states that women don’t get married because it’s a competition, some women get too focused on building, then men become too intimidated to even approach them.

“Since you guys want me married so bad, Let me share some quick facts”:

Men don’t ask me to be their girlfriend, I get marriage proposals every day from men all over the world. I am thankful because some men want to be added value to my life. Swadu said

The Rapper further disclosed that she is in love, adding that after the 2023 elections, she wishes to join the motherhood club.

“Fans, uncles, and aunties, you will meet your in-law and bouncing twins soon lol” she states