The Chairman of the Sierra Leone Sport Writers Association (SWASAL) – East, Abdul Babeto Mansaray, has resigned from his position as chairman and member of the association in a letter dated May 15, 2023.

Speaking to Sierraloaded, he confirmed that he had served the association for more than two decades.

Mansaray stated that he joined SWASAL in the year 2000 as an ordinary member, and with time, he grew to the position of Public Relations Officer and the Chairman respectively.

He also mentioned that he witnessed the leadership and reign of Fargia Barrie, Frank Cole, and Sahr Moris. He added that in 2021/2022, he became the chairman of the association, serving for more than a year.

Mansaray disclosed that he had enjoyed great opportunities and had given back to the association as well.

Speaking on the reasons for his resignation, he disclosed that since he had spent a significant amount of time serving in different capacities in the association, there are many young sports reporters coming up who also need to be developed.

He noted that he wants to take a back seat and remain an advisor where and when necessary. As a former footballer and sports journalist, he wants to go into another field and see how he can exercise his knowledge in sports.

His resignation letter reads as follows:

“Kindly accept this letter as my formal resignation as a member of the great Sierra Leone Sport Writers Association.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I have been given in the past. I value the insights that I have learned and I expect them to help me in my future endeavors. I would also like to thank the past president and colleagues at the association for being supportive of my professional growth. I wish you and the association the best going forward.”