Sylvia Blyden has written Deputy Speaker of Parliament on Public Accounts Committee summons for Freetown City Council Mayoy and others.

She writes:

Dear Deputy Speaker of Parliament Honourable Solomon Segepoh Thomas Esq,

I have seen the Invitation sent yesterday to Festus Kallay, the Chief Administrator (C.A.) of Freetown City Council in your further role as Chairman of Public Accounts Committee for Sierra Leone Parliament. You have summoned Mr. Kallay, Freetown Mayor and other FCC personnel on 2019 Audit issues.

Well, my ongoing investigations indicate Festus Kallay may not know much about required Financials for concluded so-called “FCC Projects”.

Honourable Sir during your Parliamentary Hearing summoned on Friday (November 26th), please ask Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyerr to talk to Freetownians, through Parliament, about Lucy Garrett, a white female British lawyer sent to Sierra Leone by Hon. Tony Blair.

This British Lucy Garrett Q.C. is a Queen’s Counsel (a senior lawyer in Britain). Hon. Deputy Speaker, I know that you are also a well-trained Lawyer yourself Sir. Therefore, I know that when you question Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr under Oath, you will swiftly detect the legal issues behind how Freetown Mayor took authority given to her by Freetownians and delegated our authority to this British foreigner named Lucy Garrett insofar as management of some of our Freetown City Council Money was concerned – for the period under review by the Audit.

I am not sure if the Auditor General Lara Taylor-Pearce, in the course of her duties,, ever picked up on that intriguing act of Yvonne Aki-Sawyer taking financial authority and giving them to a foreigner named Lucy Garrett.

Some may say that was a starkly unlawful act and a show of unpatriotism by Freetown Mayor Yvonne to take such powers, bypass the Chief Administrator and give the financial authority to a complete foreigner. Since I am not a lawyer myself, I will leave that conclusion up to you as a trained lawyer. I will not comment on it especially as Lara Taylor-Pearce did not comment on it either.
Honourable, on another issue and with respect Sir, I want to humbly suggest that during the Hearing, you pay keen attention to FCC Committee chairpersons like the Chairperson of Budget & Finance Committee, an upstanding and decent Krio Lady called Councillor Abioseh Agnes Wilson.

Councillor Abioseh Agnes Wilson is an elected Local Councillor but she has been thoroughly molested and humiliated by what is known to be ‘Team Yvonne’. I am sure that you will learn about the phenomenon called ‘Team Yvonne’ soon. During the hearings, you can ask the Deputy Mayor of Freetown City Council to tell you more about ‘Team Yvonne’ as he is a real victim of ‘Team Yvonne’ at the FCC.

Councillor Abioseh Agnes Wilson, (a ‘Krio Gal’ as Mammy Cassandra Garber’s impugned Krio Descendants Union Yunion will call her), is an upstanding Annie Walsh old girl with Krio ethnicity.
Abioseh and Yvonne are amongst the very few actual Krios at Freetown City Council. Sadly, few weeks ago, Abioseh has been abruptly kicked off as Committee Chairperson for FCC’s Budget & Finance by Team Yvonne. She was however the Chairperson during 2019 and you can question her.

The undue molestation of female councillor Abioseh Agnes Wilson (a Krio Gal) during the tenure of Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr (a Krio Gal) is further evidence why I always say Corruption & Accountability issues should never be clouded by Gender and Krio Tribal sentiments.

I will end this Open Letter by saying that my Audio 038 which I will soon issue, will further explain the issues of that female white British lawyer who Tony Blair sent in person of Lucy Garrett Q.C. Honourable Deputy Speaker sir, I trust you will find time to listen to my Audio-038 as well as the others coming up as Audio-039 and Audio-040; all inside this week.

May God bless Sierra Leone and may God bless us all. Amen.