The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) is diligently working to tally the results of the recent multi-tier elections held on June 24, 2023.

Operating from the Industrial Estate Wellington in Freetown, the commission has welcomed numerous national and international observers who are closely monitoring the tallying process. These observers, including representatives from political parties, who have been granted access to witness the meticulous data input procedures carried out by the ECSL staff.

One such representative, Ady Macaulay, a member of the main opposition party, the All People’s Congress, voiced concerns regarding the staff’s accuracy during the data input stage.

Macaulay called on the supervisors to rectify any mistakes made by ECSL staff and raised an incident where the Result and Incidence Forms (RIF) arrived in an unsealed backpack. Macaulay pledged to escalate the matter to his party’s leadership for further investigation.

In response to these concerns, Macaulay urged their supporters to remain calm, expressing confidence in the victory based on the incoming numbers.

“We have no problem. We are happy with the numbers that are coming in,” assured Macaulay.

On the other hand, Hindolo Barnette, the young Generation Leader for the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in North America, commended the transparency of the process.

Barnette stated that the ECSL had provided a comprehensive explanation of the entire process to observers before commencement.

He particularly highlighted the thoroughness in checking the sealed boxes upon arrival and the willingness of the ECSL staff to address observers’ questions and concerns. Barnette regarded this as a positive step for democracy in Sierra Leone.

Similarly, Umaru Jabbie, a political activist, expressed satisfaction with the overall transparency of the process.

Jabbie emphasized that observers were allowed to ask questions, closely observe the process, and gain access to the entire facility, a development he considered praiseworthy for the country’s democratic progress.

Meanwhile, the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mohamed Konneh has today announced 60% of partial presidential results counted at five regional tally centers accross the country. The incumbent, Julius Maada Bio is leading with 1,067,666 votes, while the main opposition candidate, Samura Kamara trails behind with 793,751 votes counted.

As the ECSL continues its meticulous tallying efforts, with observers diligently monitoring the process, Sierra Leone eagerly awaits the final results of the multi-tier elections.